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Like we say in the south…LADIES FIRST!!

What is RoeDoneRight? One word…AMAZING!!

Posted by Roe Done Right on Sunday, June 18, 2017

A hallmark of LuLaRoe brand clothing is that its fabric prints are exclusive and are issued in limited offerings of less than 5000 pieces per print. Customers are often seeking that elusive “unicorn” or limited design that they love. Therefore, Roe Done Right seeks to solve this problem by combining the inventories of over 100 retailers to offer customers the highest density of LuLaRoe merchandise possible.

The Board is comprised of retailers across the country who have built connections through the 4-year-old company: Krystal Santiago, Maggie Jo Parsons, Lisa “Whit” Toomer, Leslie Baron, Brandi Yates, duo Barbara & Jonathan Adkins, Brooke Hamrick, and duo Kristen and Stanley Garland.

Directors stated that “Roe Done Right has a unique Live-On-Load model that allows our retailers to offer new items of inventory available each hour on the hour as well as Facebook live streams where retailers sell and interact with customers.” They emphasized that beyond selling LuLaRoe, the platform “creates friendships between the retailers and customers that go beyond sales. We are helping people feel beautiful about themselves by selling them high-quality and fashionable clothes. I have talked to numerous women who told me that these clothes make them feel beautiful and comfortable again after having children and facing many life challenges. Selling customers clothes makes them happy and feels almost like a ministry to women.”

They suggested that “Roe Done Right is different because we’re shaping our thought process around how customers want to shop. And, that is shopping more than one way. Live sales, album sales, fashion tutorials, outfit pairings, and more. We want the experience to be like walking into a high-end store, and having everything you want and need at your fingertips. And that’s exactly what we will do!”

Apparel sales take place 24 hours a day almost everyday either through live Facebook streams or photo album sales where customers simply comment “sold” to claim an item and then retailers email them invoices through LuLaRoe’s payment processing platform. They stress that “All of our retailers are required to comply with all LuLaRoe policies as well as our RDR policies and procedures. We are reaching out to customers through Facebook ads and Google ads, we are talking to people in our communities and our online boutiques, and we are using our website as a place to showcase the great things that we are doing as we sell inside the Roe Done Right Facebook group. All of the things that we are doing are to create a wonderful place where customers can have a great experience buying LuLaRoe.”

Roedoneright.com expects exponential growth based on current trends that should position the multi-consultant group as one of the internet’s largest and most prolific marketplaces for LuLaRoe apparel. The Roe Done Right Board of Directors and retailers encourage the public to visit their Facebook group and take advantage of the ample variety and fashionable choices available to shoppers.

About Roe Done Right
Roe Done Right is a multi-retailer Facebook marketplace consisting of a Facebook group and its companion website RoeDoneRight.com. The mission of Roe Done Right to provide an outstanding shopping experience and impeccable customer service. Our talented and experienced team of independent fashion retailers will always be available to provide any needed assistance. Our goal is to use our beautiful, affordable LuLaRoe clothing lines to perpetuate self-confidence and strength in each of our shoppers. We strive to establish long-lasting friendships and make your shopping fun and easy.

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SocoosoHairWig.com Offers the 100% Top Human Hair and Wigs https://www.google.com//a84/?p=2386 /a84/?p=2386#respond Sat, 22 Apr 2017 17:59:17 +0000 /a84/?p=2386 SocoosoHairWig is a brand of Wigs, Human Hair, that offers their the wide range of wigs and hair at their official online mall www.socoosohairwig.com or www.socoosohairwig.co? All type of offerings include high quality hair products such as Brazilian Hair, Lace Wigs, Glueless Full Lace With Silk Top Wigs , Closure, Ombre Wigs, Hair Extensions, U Part Wigs etc. The mall*s prime focus is supply the top quality, healthy and the latest design of wigs and peripheral products to their esteemed buyers, and offer the best service to customers who from anywhere of the world.

Wigs are increasingly popular today, whether young or old, whether healthy people need fashion wigs, or some people due to illness or other causes of hair loss, need a comfortable wig. Wig can easily change your hair to suit different parties, or workplace, or your hair is too short, you can make it to long through a long wig, you can also change the hair color, buy ombre wig or dyed of the wig, you can dyeing wigs with your favorite colors, can also make a variety of shapes, and it is gratifying that these changes in hair, will not damage your own hair, you can do whatever you want. Medical wigs should be mainly in some cancer patients, they are suffering from chemotherapy because of physical pain, even more sad is that they are psychologically because of hair loss and get more pain, lost confidence in life, fortunately, Wig can let them return to self-confidence, life is full of joy. The benefits of the wig can be seen so much. But in the market now the quality of the wig is difficult to identify if you are not a professional. Wigs of the quality of the variety, the price is not the same, such as human hair, can come from different countries are different thickness, processing is not the same, machines made or pure hand, pure manual than the machine to be more expensive. Also wigs have not the same parts, some lace is France lace, some is Swiss lace, some full lace, some just have part of the lace, some wigs cap can be adjusted and some can not be adjusted, these differences effect to the price is different, of course, the longer hair the more expensive, the fiber wigs is now cheaper, but it is not as shiny, natural, easy to re-shape, dyeing as the human hair wigs.

The price and quality of SocoosoHairWig.com hair is much better compared to their competitors, the reason is they located in the development zone where has many rtade company of wigs, the different is their import, processing, manufacture their wigs at their own factory which over 30 workers and allow them to have a power control over the quality of their product and their product price is transparent for every different quality.? And SocoosoHairWig have many partner of payment and delivery, the website wrote: ※SocoosoHairWig Partners
As a global online Wigs wholesaler and retailer, we cannot successful without the support of many partners.
Payment partners: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Banks etc.
Delivery partners: DHL, UPS, Fedex, USPS§.

Besides of great quality and transparent prices, SocoosoHairWig they have great inventory for all type products, their shipping is fast, so their customer love for the service, return policy and feel like a family.

About SocoosoHairWig: Has been around since 2010, to date, we are here to stay 6 years old, you can trust us in product quality and customer service, fast delivery, shopping security.

For more information, please visit website:




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Align Your Headlights Perfectly To Prevent Accidents https://www.google.com//a84/?p=2109 /a84/?p=2109#respond Sat, 13 Dec 2014 12:57:21 +0000 /a84/?p=2109 You are driving at evening and noticed that the drivers from your back are consistently flashing their front car headlights towards your car. There is no sign of a speed trap; signal or you do not even know them, but they are actually trying to let you know that your car headlights are not perfectly aligned. Every vehicle driver knows from their past experience that being flashed continuously by the headlamps of other cars will definitely create problems in driving and results in impaired vision. So, it is necessary to straighten the headlights out of the car a little more.

Most of the models of the cars and other vehicles come with headlight adjuster equipments. Most of the adjusters are for adjusting the headlamps in the vertical position. But when the headlamps are required to be adjusted in the horizontal position, then actual problem arises.? Horizontal imbalance is caused due to faulty adjustments in the housings of the front part. When you have to align the car lights horizontally, you have to adjust the housings and check the light alignment.

Car Light Alignments

Reasons of Car Light Alignments

A perfect alignment is necessary to avoid accidents, mainly during evening or in low lights. A good alignment of brake lights, side lights, and bumper lights are also necessary to illuminate the entire road. It is actually a safety measure that should be followed by every driver and car manufacturers. Car accidents are very frequent nowadays, so proper lighting system of the vehicle is important. If the light accessories are not properly aimed, their performance will definitely decrease and they will not work well. When you are buying a new car or replacing the lights of your vehicle, it is your responsibility to check the position of them. A slight wrong adjustment can convert into a large mistake while you are driving.

Headlight Alignment According To the Load Carried By Vehicle

Most of the people do not bother about the adjustments of the car lights, but it is a primary step for ensuring security of the occupants.? When the front lights are not properly aligned, the drivers become blind during driving. So, it is necessary to adjust the lights at regular intervals.? The weight is the primary consideration for aligning the lamps of vehicles.? Adding weight to the rear part of your vehicle can push the back portion down which considerably pushes the front part of the car up and deliberately changes the path of the headlight beams.? When you are going for a long journey by car with lots of load, you should adjust the position of the lights after accommodating the entire load. Adjustment is required because the lights are shifted from its original place due to constant use.

Lights of Your Car

Steps for Aligning the Lights of Your Car

  1. Locate your car in a plain area, mainly in front of a wall that is perpendicular to the space floor.
  2. Park the car at a distance of 30cm from the wall and turn the headlights. Mark the point where the highest beams reach the wall. Also mark the position of the lowest beams.
  3. Move the car 6ft back and then lower the brightness level. The point of highest illumination falls down to 10%.
  4. Then adjust the headlights by the adjuster screws. If you cannot do the adjustments by your own, you can take your car to the car parts outlet.

The cars have various type of lights fitted in its body. The projector headlights and halo headlights are very important for the vehicle. They enhance your driving experience and illuminate the entire road perfectly.

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Sports and Group Dynamics Related Fundraising Ideas https://www.google.com//a84/?p=2103 /a84/?p=2103#respond Fri, 14 Nov 2014 05:19:01 +0000 /a84/?p=2103 Sports Related Fundraising Ideas
Teams are not single organisms which can survive alone. Teams need supporters more than individual athletes. Getting the community involved in a team’s fundraising activity is a sure way to achieve monetary goals, as well as generate interest in the team. For local businesses, this is also one way for them to generate business. Some easy and fun ways to generate funds with sports and other sports-related activities include:


Cookie Dough Fundraising

Cookie Dough Fundraising


Cookie dough sales have proven to be very successful for a lot of organizations. These have taken over the old Girl Scout cookie campaigns. The reason there is a demand for this is the longevity of the cookie dough compared with cookie sales. It is true that people like cookies. What is also true is that families would want to cook their won cookies. This would allow family members to join in the fun, while cooking and then eating. This can be a team activity among the members of the sports team or fundraising organization. With a tally board, and regular reporting, the team members can see who has been selling and this can be used to make this a friendly competition.


Basketball Specific Fundraising Events


Some effective campaigns for sports teams are those which are related to the sports they are playing. For instance, a basketball team can have a free-throw or a three-point shootout. To even the playing field, there can be different groupings for age-groups or for skill levels. Team followers and supporters can join the events, and the team members can be there as coaches or as support personnel. This can be an outreach activity and a chance for the organization and team members to interact with their sponsors and followers.


Other Basketball Fundraising Events


Basketball related events can also be used in fundraising. These include three-on-three or even five-on-five (plus one substitute). Other events which have proven popular are mixed basketball games, or even father-son events. The logistics for these events may be harder because there would be less contestants. However, these can be sponsored teams. The entrance fee can be paid by a company or a local business. This is one way for the community to support their basketball team. It is also one way for local businesses to generate exposure.


Fun-Day Sports Related Fundraising


One day tournaments can also be used for fundraising campaigns. This would be where teams or participants go through a single round-robin competition, and the last man standing is the winner. In the same manner, fun runs can be conducted alongside other events like a marathon, or a half-marathon, or a 10K event. This would allow non-athletes to participate without any needed training. Having more participants would be a great help for the organization to capture the community’s attention.


Baseball Specific Fundraising Events


As a popular sport, baseball fundraising is almost as popular. Fans would like to have a bat in hand while in a batting cage and practicing their swings. This is the perfect opportunity for these weekend warriors to show off their skills in the batting cage, as well as in pitching. Batters can pay for time in the batting cage. Or pitchers can throw a ball through a hole in a net a few yards away. Like other sports related activities, this can also be done competitively, with prizes for high scores. Team scoring can also be used, with a different fee scale for team events.

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Acupuncture and Its Beneficial Effects in Healing the Body https://www.google.com//a84/?p=2100 /a84/?p=2100#respond Fri, 14 Nov 2014 05:16:05 +0000 /a84/?p=2100 Acupuncture is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine that uses very thin needles which is placed in particular portions of the body to arouse the energy points to enhance a person*s well being and health.

Based from Chinese medicine, the health of the mind and body are completely dependent on each other and both are dependent on yin and yang as well as the movement of Chi inside the body.


The particular points of Acupuncture are the outcome of the millions of comprehensive observations of their therapeutic effects when being stimulated. Later, these points turned out to be meridians or channels or the line adjacent the acupuncture points through which Chi flows to make equilibrium in the organs. Various energy channels represent or depict a specific organ in the body.

There are different beneficial effects made by Acupuncture in a person*s body.? These are:

?Increases Fertility

Women who are getting an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment can boost their chances of conception by fifty percent if they are able to obtain a proper acupuncture treatment.

?Decreases Headache

Rather than drinking too much Aspirin, you can resort to Acupuncture as an effective tool when struggling from the pain of headache. In most patients, Acupuncture can even totally eliminate their headaches.

Helps Fight Depression

People, who are suffering from depression be it severe or mild, are resorting to acupuncture as an additional cure for their condition.

Helps Lose Weight

Acupuncture can strengthen a person*s flexibility, help curb food cravings, and improve a person*s capacity to react to exercise and healthy diets.

Lessens Migraines

Everybody knows how excruciating is the pain brought by migraines. With this, Acupuncture has been tested to avoid migraine attacks. The method used to cure migraines is to eliminate its cause, which is known to us as tension. Another benefit that acupuncture gives to migraine sufferers is that it does not include pain and there are no side effects.

?Lessens the symptoms of diabetes

If you are in search for ways to control your diabetes naturally, you can opt to undergo acupuncture.

Other Known Benefits of Acupuncture to Healing

?Sedation 每 calming effect

Analgesia 每 relieves pain

Immunity 每 boosts a person*s immunity

Homeostasis 每 maintains the normal equilibrium in the body

Acupuncture is generally without pain, although there are times that minor piercing sensations may be experienced when putting in the needles. Constant study on the benefits and effects of acupuncture shows that this alternative mode of treatment can be a successful primary treatment in hospitals and other healthcare facilities as well as helpful adjunctive therapy. One great feature of acupuncture is that it provides no side effect when performed by an acupuncturist who is licensed.

Finding an Eligible Acupuncturist

?You only need a licensed acupuncture practitioner like those in 가입쿠폰 바카라Acupuncture Melbourne. He/she does need to have a comprehensive training or precision. You can ask for referrals from someone who has already undergone acupuncture for you to find an efficient and licensed acupuncturist within your area.

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Toyota Etios Cross Vs EcoSport 每 The new entrant vs the classic https://www.google.com//a84/?p=2093 /a84/?p=2093#respond Mon, 10 Nov 2014 16:20:36 +0000 /a84/?p=2093 Let*s see. One is no less than INR 2 Lakh more than the other even in its basic variant and if you ask us whether that is a factor deciding the fate of the car, we*ll say yes! Toyota keeps the price down and Ford loses out in that account but more than makes up for it in its features, performance and handling.

Toyota Etios Cross Vs EcoSport

The cockpit style spacious front cabin of the Ford EcoSport definitely scores more brownie points than the usual driver*s cabin in Toyota. Though Etios doesn*t do too bad with all the trims like instrument panel of piano black finish, round AC vents and multi functional steering wheel. Toyota has done lot to improve the overall look and feel of vehicle as well. But does it stand good to the Ford*s patented SYNC, number pad and climate control features? Well, there*s the in built music system in Ford for one thing. Space crunch is a big issue with both the cars though. The G/GD and V/VD gets trims according to their price segment. Check out Toyota Etios on road price in New Delhi.

EcoSport comes to you in four basic variants with the high end model getting push button start, keyless entry, integrated music system with Aux-in and Bluetooth connectivity, automatic climate control, rear parking sensors, 16 inch alloy wheels and power folding mirrors. Safety features like LED turn indicators on ORVMs, Dual front airbags, ABS with EBD, front power windows and central locking. As far as Etios Cross is concerned along with basic features you can expect the high end variants to have features steering mounted controls, fog lights integrated with turn indicators, rear washer and wiper. Entertainment is great with the 2-Din music system with Aux-in, USB and Bluetooth connectivity.

Looking at EcoSport, you will be spoilt for choices which the number of variants that Toyota has in the offing. There are 1 Ecoboost, 1 petrol and 1 diesel engine to take your pick from. We suggest you go for the diesel variant for a more fuel efficient drive. The Ecoboost (122bhp of power and 170Nm of torque) feature works well with petrol engine and produces a fuel efficient and powerful performance. The 1.5 liter petrol gives you 108bhp at 6045rpm and 140Nm at 4500rpm and the 1.5 liter diesel gives you?89bhp of power at 3750rpm and 204Nm at 2000rpm.

On the other hand the Etios works on 2 petrol (1.2-litre and 1.5-litre) and 1 diesel (1.4-litre) engine. You can expect a max power of 67bhp of and a peak torque of 170Nm from the diesel engine while the petrol variants will give you 79bhp and 89bhp max power.

There is no question that Ford*s EcoSport will give you a smoother ride here but there is denying the fact that the Toyota*s Etios Cross doesn*t too badly either with ground clearance, excellent shock absorbers and 15 inch tyres. It*s safe to say that both the cars do good in this account.

For more detail about Used Maruti Cars in India please log on http://autoportal.com/usedcars/marutisuzuki/

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5 Tips to Get the Most Out Of Your Payment Processing Solution https://www.google.com//a84/?p=2088 /a84/?p=2088#respond Thu, 30 Oct 2014 10:04:04 +0000 /a84/?p=2088 5 Tips to Get the Most Out Of Your Payment Processing Solution


Payment processing methods, such as credit and debit, have already made itself as the most secure, quickest and dependable payment schemes in businesses nowadays. The capacity to allow clients to make use of their debit and credit cards anywhere has offered efficiencies and convenience to almost all businesses. Gone are the days where a long queue of individuals at the cashier are paying using their cash, waiting for their change from the transactions. But as quick and safe as payment processing solutions, like EMV merchant processing Cincinnati, have developed into and continue to grow, the expected blockage of traffic still exists.

payment processing

Impatient clients can rapidly be the defeat of any business, particularly when paying for their chosen items come. Longer waiting time in your business can mean fewer customers, lesser returning customers, and less income. If you have an online business and the mode of payment of your customers has been your problem, there are ways that you can do to enhance the manner your customers pay you.

Below are 5 tips to get the most out of your payment processing solution:

1. ? Improved customization

It is essential to provide your customers with a flawless journey while shopping at your business. The Application Program Interface (API) integration will let you to have a total flexibility when it comes to the customization of your checkout payment process. However, a lot of customers use hosted gateway solutions.? A hosted integration provides a specific level of customization as you basically add your banner/logo to your payment processor page.

2. ?Include PayPal to your webpage

Including PayPal or other non-card payment scheme to your present payment gateway will provide your clients with more options in making payments. Although a lot of buyers will choose to make a credit card payment online, others may find it helpful to pay through their PayPal account. Offering your customers with an option and letting them to pay through their chosen method can give aid in building brand loyalty. A constructive shopping experience in your business may result to repeat transactions.

3. Be familiar with your payment interface scheme

Are you aware of the functionality integrated in your payment scheme? You must be capable to do several transactions such as subscriptions, scheduled, refunds and repeats. All of these can be put into place to keep your present clients satisfied and expedite the payment procedure. Your payment back office or interface is where all of these transactions can be made. Run summary statements, search transactions and quarantine doubtful transactions are some of the added transaction reporting that you have on hand.

The benefit of this is to give you cleverness on your clients. Much cleverness will let you to aim them better.

4. ?Global rates

If you are aiming to go international, it is essential that your payment processor have a local present for that market. If so, then they will be capable to give you an entree to local market familiarity and reduce the processing costs.

5. Give feedback

If you are equipped with knowledge on how to improve the payment scheme included in your business, let them know. Just like many businesses, your business should also be open to accept customer feedback.


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10 Easy Tips: How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger https://www.google.com//a84/?p=2080 /a84/?p=2080#respond Mon, 06 Oct 2014 06:15:57 +0000 /a84/?p=2080 Even if you have ample square footage when you move into a house or apartment, sooner or later you can feel a little cramped. There are several different tricks that can make a smaller space seem much more ample and not feel quite as cramped.

Here are a few ways to make the most out of smaller square footage.

1. Limit yourself to just a few larger pieces of furniture and go for smaller versions to make a space appear bigger. If you have a large piece of furniture that nearly fills up a space, you may want to think about downsizing just a little without needing to give up much by way of comfort.

2. Get organized. Clutter can not only fill up a space, it can make you feel overwhelmed and increase stress.

3. Express yourself with paint! Colors can open up a room or pull it in tighter to make it feel more cozy. Lighter colors, such as white or cream can make a space feel much larger than it is while darker color can make a room feel tighter and cozier. You can even use paint by employing a technique called Trompe L’oeil, which in French means ※fools the eye§. Trompe L’oeil is often used in terms of murals that can look like vast expanses of landscape, or even be made to look like a larger room.

4. Use light to make a room seem larger – The old adage that natural light is best is never more true when it comes to making a small room appear larger. By opening up curtains or even doorways and letting the natural light flow in, you can change the entire feel of a space in creating a perceived sense of airiness. If the view outside your window is of something less than pleasant, you can mask it with plants or with gorgeous opaque or latticed screens that will let light through beautifully.

Fluorescent lights keystone ballast for the home are now also available in both warm and cool tones that can set the mood and create a sense of space by focusing on more than one area at a time, depending upon their placement.

5. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are a great way to make a home space feel so much larger than it is. An entire wall of mirrors reflecting back into a room can make a room feel almost twice its size. Even a large mirror, hung to look like a window pane can add visual interest and give the illusion of a much larger space.

Tips on how to make small room look bigger

6.Make use of light colored surfaces – A light counter top in a bathroom or kitchen will make the room feel larger than one that has darker colored counter spaces. When entertaining, clear the clutter and put it away leaving just an open space that gives a sense of relaxed elbow room.

7. Make use of wall units and built in shelves – Having a wall of shelves such as you would find in a home library or entertainment center can serve the purpose of helping you stay organized and also making the most by utilizing the space most effectively. Group objects and collections together in areas of interest and consider putting your television or entertainment equipment in such a unit to further create a sense of openness. If you are handy, you can make the shelves yourself and also add battery operated LED lights to highlight some of the items on your shelves. The effect can be both dramatic and luxurious.

8. Color coordinate your furniture and rugs with your walls. Choosing the same color for fabrics on furniture that are close to or match your walls can also make a room appear larger to the eye. The blending of color will make the eye perceive a wider range of space.

9. Choose glass or lucite furniture – Furniture such as glass or lucite tops are invisible and can make a room seem much more spacious than it is. Place on the expanse of these invisible spaces objects that are both interesting and accentuate the idea of a large surface.

10. Make use of large works of art and floor to ceiling drapes. – A large, dramatic art canvas can make a room appear larger because the eye is drawn upward. Another effect that is both inexpensive and dramatic is using floor to ceiling draperies in light colors that give the idea that your ceilings are higher and the space around you is much wider.

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Choose the best web hosting for your website https://www.google.com//a84/?p=2070 /a84/?p=2070#respond Sun, 31 Aug 2014 05:09:25 +0000 /a84/?p=2070 If you want to create a website for your business, you need a web hosting service for your website. Some of the features that have to be considered before choosing the web hosting company are bandwidth, disk space, location of servers and price of the package. If you are an online entrepreneur in UK, you should compare the web hosting companies in UK before choosing one for your service.? Nethosted is one of the popular web hosting companies in UK. The regular price of the power plan is 4.95 Euros for a month. This package includes a domain for the website. This company is having the best server backup feature that helps the website owners to have backup data if they lost the data. This company provides modern SSD database system that helps the site hosting reliable and fast.

Stem Cell Therapy

One of the leading and best web hosting companies is ipage. Some of the features provided by this company in its reliable hosting service are power plugins, multimedia features, website building software, many E-commerce tools and advertising tools. Website owners can have the domain for an affordable price. This host offers best technical help to the websites. Accessing the ipage hosting panel is very easy and this is an advantage of this company. Justhost is a web hosting company that is providing web hosting services for a long period. This company is having a good relationship with their clients by taking care of all their clients* problems. This company is providing hosting service to both the business sites and personal websites. Justhost is offering various web building tools for their clients and these can be installed quickly.

Hosting co. is one of the recommended web hosting companies in UK that is providing all the services for hosting the websites of their clients. People who are looking for a company that is giving quality, safe, secure datacenters, best customer service and reliable equipment, this company is recommendable. Various ranges of plans are available to serve from small to large businesses. Fatcow Company is one of the best art web hosting companies in United Kingdom. This company is providing reseller hosting, virtual private hosting and cpanel web hosting for the websites of their clients. Quick customer service is provided through live chat and helpdesk support system of the company*s website. People, who want to host multiple sites to become a hosting reseller, can seek the service of this company. Most of the people want to have a cheap web hosting service for their websites. Instead of looking at the prices, do 가입쿠폰 바카라 companies, the services provided by them and the support given to their clients. This will help you to choose the best web hosting company for your website.

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How Stem Cells Provide Hope for Glaucoma Treatment https://www.google.com//a84/?p=2060 /a84/?p=2060#respond Sun, 03 Aug 2014 09:41:57 +0000 /a84/?p=2060 Glaucoma is a term used to describe a disease or disorder in the eye. It can cause permanent damage to the eyes and can cause loss of vision if they are left untreated. Glaucoma happens when there is an increase in fluid pressure within the eye. This happens when there is also an increase in intraocular pressure without any association to the damage of the optic nerve. Glaucoma is often termed as the silent thief of sight since it slowly takes away your sight even without you noticing it. It occurs over a long period of time and is only obvious during the advanced stages of the disease. Glaucoma is the second leading causes of blindness all over the world after cataracts. It affects around one in 200 people with the age of 50 and younger and one in 10 over the age of 80. Most African Americans are susceptible to glaucoma and is also the leading cause of blindness in such ethnicity.

?The Signs and Symptoms of Glaucoma

The two main types of glaucoma are open-angle and closed-angle glaucoma. Open-angle glaucoma are usually painless and do not have any acute attacks. Its only sign is the gradual loss of visual field vision and certain nerve changes. Meanwhile, closed-angle glaucoma are far more aggressive. Its characteristics are sudden pain, halos around lights, red eye, high intraocular pressure, nausea, and vomiting.

Causes of Glaucoma

There are no clear evidence that relates diet to glaucoma but genetics and positive family history have been known to be a risk factor for glaucoma. So, if one or more of your family has had glaucoma, you have the risk of developing it as well. East Asian decent are also more prone to angle closure glaucoma. African descendants are also three times more likely to develop open-angled glaucoma.

Stem Cell Therapy
Treatments and Prevention

There have been known researches that has come up with viable solutions to treating glaucoma. A team the UK Stem Cell Foundation have discovered a potential treatment by using the patient’s own stem cell to generating olfactory cells into the area of the optic nerve hence lowering the intraocular pressure. Medications are also good at alleviating glaucoma. These are prostaglandin analogs that increase the outflow of the fluid from the eye hence relieving the pressure and easing the pain of the sufferer. Aside from that, rest and eye drops usually help with the relief of glaucoma. Surgery can also correct the problem resulting to glaucoma. Laser and the conventional surgery both treat the disease. For congenital glaucoma or those that suffer the illness since birth, surgery is needed to correct any defect. Although these methods of treatment can vastly improve the signs and symptoms of the disease there is still no concrete evidence that these are the cure for glaucoma.

Scientists, researchers, and doctors are still continuing their quests to finding a viable option for glaucoma sufferers. But for now, these medications are enough to delay the visual loss of patients. ?Stem cells are giving solution to many unexpected problem. Now you can have stem cells treatment for infertility too. Before going for stem cell therapy try some basic medications like , buy gonal f which is considered safe medicine on infertility.

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